Mizuo Dry Karakuchi


Mizuo Karakuchi is a dry sake that is light, clear, and easy to drink. Delicate banana aroma on the nose with a sophisticated taste, and a crisp finish.

Easily paired with cuisine. Enjoyable chilled or warm.

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Established in 1873. Their first priority is to adhere to the basics and stick to handmade products.

Located in the small town of Iiyama Nagano, Tanakaya uses naturally sweet clear spring water from the foothills of Mount Mizuo and 100% of the rare highly regarded “Kinmon Nishiki” sake rice to brew their award winning craft sake that carries rich traditional flavors, fruity aromas, exquisite mouthfeel and finish.

It’s Sake is characterized by its sharp, transparent quality of sake and its profound taste. The water comes from Mt.Mizuo in Nozawa Onsen village. For rice, contract-grown rice from Iiyama and Kijimadaira villages is used. With the brewery workers living close to the brewery, the strength of this brewery is its close connection to its community.

“Hito-gokochi” is a high-quality sake rice originated in Kijimadaira village in Nagano prefecture. Most of the “Hito-gokochi” Mizuo is made from is produced by contracted farmers in Kijimadaira village and Iiyama city, and the grains are bigger than the ones grown in other areas. Together with the farmers, year by year, we revise the production methods to enhance the quality. The sake from “Hito-gokochi” typically has a straightforward and strong aroma with rich flavor.

TYPE:  Ginjo

COLOUR: Pale clear paper white colour.

OUR TASTING NOTES: Super popular at our tasting room in Martinborough this is a dry, light Sake that has a crisp finish and is an aromatic Sake.

FOOD PAIRING: Fish, Chicken, Salad and any dessert, this is an easy to drink Sake that would match meals that favour umami rich ingredients such as venison, mushrooms and salami.

SERVING SUGGESTIONS: Serve chilled (8-12 ºC)

STORAGE: Store in a dry and cool place. Avoid direct sunlight.

Size: 720 ml
ABV: 15 %
Rice polishing rate: 59%
Ingredients: water, rice, yeast, koji,  


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