The Beauty of Sake

Sake has been used as a beauty treatment for centuries by Geisha as Sake and the Sake lees (what’s left after making Sake) have a variety of substances that produce spectacular effects as well as being proven to inhibit the production of Melanin, the main culprit for sunspots and ageing. It’s the reason Sake brewery workers have such smooth, white hands!

Using Sake beauty products restores and promotes healthy and younger looking skin with Sake lees being used to produce soaps, toners, moisturisers and serums that contain saccharides, α-Ethyl Glucoside and amino acids, all of which are naturally produced as a part of the Sake making process.

Sake has naturally moisturizing elements so why not try a Sake bath as the ultimate in a home spa healthy treatment, relaxing in a luxurious Sake Bath (add a cup of Sake to your bath using the special Masu measure) has amazing moisturizing and heat-retention effects with researchers attributing it to the interactions among hundreds of nutrients in Sake such as glycerol, amino acids, organic acids, saccharides, vitamins, nucleic acids, and esters.

Sake beauty