White Jade Gua Sha

A timeless tool for youthful, firm skin

Since ancient times, Gua Sha has been a beauty secret that Japanese women reserve for its effectiveness and skin-enhancing qualities.

Edobio Gua Sha is a versatile massaging tool made of precious white jade that visibly smoothes and firmes the skin while maximizing the effectiveness of skincare products.

Its distinctive shape provides an effective facial recontouring treatment, softening fine lines and leaving the skin radiant and smooth. Among the benefits, there are also the promotion of a brighter complexion, prevention of eye puffiness and dark circles.

Use it for massaging neck and shoulders for an immediate detox, relaxing and lifting effect.

Edobio White Jade Gua Sha comes with an eco-friendly pouch.





[Material] White Jade
Length 5cm x Width 8cm

How To Use

For the best results, we recommend massaging a generous amount of Intensive Hydration Serum on the skin first, then sweep the Gua Sha holding at 30 to 45-degree angle and applying a gentle pressure.

Clean your gua sha with warm water and face soap after every use to get rid of bacteria.

Neck area massage:
1. Firm and smooth neck area – Apply light pressure and work upwards from the collarbone up to the tip of the chin
2. Easy neck tension – Apply light to medium pressure and work upwards from the shoulders to the earlobe
3. Promote lymphatic drainage – Apply light pressure and work downwards along the neck

Jawline area massage:
1. Firm and contour jawline – Apply light pressure and sweep along the jawline from the tip of the chin to the earlobe

Cheeks & eye area massage:
1. Prevent puffiness & dark circles: Apply very gentle pressure and move under the eyes from the nose to the temple
2. Soften smile lines – Apply light pressure and move upwards from the nose to the ear
3. Release tension, firm and contour – Apply gentle pressure and move from the nose to the temple, following the cheekbone contour

Eyebrows and Forehead area massage:
1. Lift eyebrows – Apply light pressure and move along the eyebrows up to the hairline
2. Smooth forehead fine lines – Pull upwards from above the eyebrows towards the top of the forehead


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