Haginotsuya Spica Gemini


Since 1751 this brewery has produced Sake and now an exciting new low alcohol lemonadey Sake. Evoking the gentle, nature of white wine or lemonade, the light taste of low alcohol makes it a super easy way to relax with a refreshing drink that matches a bowl of fries or pizza!

The freshness and sharpness of lemon is balanced well with the alcohol and there is a clean, crisp long finish.

Awards: • FineSake Gold

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A lower alcohol Sake that has delightful citrus and grape aromas, the zingy lemon taste on the palate is balanced well with the alcohol to give a long refreshing finish.

TYPE:  Speciality Sake

COLOUR: Clear pale white

OUR TASTING NOTES: Light fragrance of white flowers and lemon, with toasted rice flour and cotton candy sweetness.

FOOD PAIRING: Oysters, Tempura and chicken dishes plus a Pavlova of course!

SERVING SUGGESTIONS: Serve chilled (8-12 ºC)

STORAGE: Store in a dry and cool place. Avoid direct sunlight.

SPECS: Brewery: Award winning Based in Shiga Prefecture on the western shore of Lake Biwa, this venerable brewery founded in 1751 launched a project whose Japanese name roughly translates to “Let’s Smile Together Again.” The idea of togetherness was key to the project. While crowdfunding efforts that allow backers to donate funds in exchange for rewards are a dime a dozen, Haginotsuyu adopted an ambitious approach share as much joy as possible.

The project dramatically outperformed its original stated goal of 300,000 yen to amass a whopping 2,682,000 yen!

Home to more than thirty active sake breweries, Shiga Prefecture is also known as the ancestral birthplace of the Ohmi merchants, goods traders who made their mark in Japan from as early as the twelfth century. The Ohmi merchants were famous for their philosophy of “three-way good,” or the belief that business should be good for the maker, seller, and buyer simultaneously.

Size: 500 ml
ABV: 10%
Rice polishing rate: 70%
Ingredients: water, rice, koji, yeast

“I think sake is something that heals, that makes you happy,” explains Fukui. “So when we decided to launch a crowdfunding project, we knew we wanted to do it in such a way so that everyone—consumers, restaurants, as many people as possible—could share in the joy.” By any measure Haginotsuyu have done exactly that.

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