Misuzu Junmai 49


Misuzu Junmai 49

Named after its rice milling rate and presented in a beautiful golden foil topped bottle for that special occasion, Misuzu 49 is a wonderfully crisp, refreshing sake brewed in a small brewery in a small village in the mountains near Senba-shuku, the junction of the Nakasendo and Hokkoku Kaido roads, this is classic Sake making at its best. Chilled or warmed this sake is certain to please.

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Founded in 1893, it became independent from the head family Chouemon Kumagai.
In 1955, it became a company with the name of sake “Misuzu”.
The area is in a semi-highland area at an altitude of 750m, and the water and air are both clean, making it an ideal environment for sake brewing. The brewing water uses fine-textured soft water from the Narai River system to brew smooth and soft sake.

TYPE:  Pure Rice Sake

COLOUR: Pale clear paper white colour.


Super low acidity belies a still refreshing experience with stone fruit, white blossom and pretty grapefruit aromas.

FOOD PAIRING: This Sake will match a lot! BBQ Chicken, Salmon Teriyaki, Steaks and Platters, over 125 years of making Sake means Misuzu know what they are doing..

SERVING SUGGESTIONS: Serve chilled (8-12 ºC) or gently warmed.

STORAGE: Store in a dry and cool place. Avoid direct sunlight.

Size: 720 ml
ABV: 14%
Rice polishing rate: 49%
Ingredients: water, rice, yeast, koji

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