Gold Carp Junmai Daiginjo


With it’s distinctive Gold Carp on the label (the perfect gift for a keen angler!) this is a very different type of Daiginjo. Refined and elegant but also complex with a long finish, a unique cutting edge 4 stage brewing approach coupled with using glutinous rice this young Toji is showing how new ideas can transform Sake futures.

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Marusei Brewery was founded in 1881 in Nakano City, Nagano Prefecture.

The founder, Shinshichiro Seki, began making sake with the wish that the world would become round. The brewery is dedicated to using traditional methods.

Characteristics of the brewery

One of the features of this brewery is the use of glutinous rice in sake making. This accentuates the taste of the sake and makes it more pleasant to drink.

Marusei is the quintessential Mom and Pop” sake operation they still use the old traditional brewing machinery like a funa-shibori filter.

The brewery was established in the turmoil of the post-Meiji Restoration era and the name, Marusei, translates loosely as “peace around the world”. The Master-brewer, Shinji Seki, is one of the youngest Tojis in Japan. His enthusiasm and energy is infectious and hopefully characteristic of the new generation of Tojis coming through in Japan now.

Marusei uses Nagano’s Kinmon Nishiki rice from the Kijimadeira village and Himeno Mochi rice from Shinano town, utlising a unique 4 stage Natsukake process (rather than the more typical 3 ) this brewery is famous Miyama Nishki rice and local water and yeast

TYPE:  Specialty Daiginjo

COLOUR: Pale clear paper white colour.

OUR TASTING NOTES: Very popular at our tasting room in Martinborough this is a umami rich Daiginjo, which is something quite rare, it has the elevated fine qualities of the Daiginjo class but also a deeper complexity with honeysuckle, quince and  flower aromas and white pear and sherbet.

FOOD PAIRING: On its own would be magnificent ! Also Fish, Chicken, Salads this Sake would match meals that favour umami rich ingredients such as steak, venison, mushrooms and salami.

SERVING SUGGESTIONS: Serve chilled (8-12 ºC)

STORAGE: Store in a dry and cool place. Avoid direct sunlight.

Size: 720 ml
ABV: 16 %
Rice polishing rate: 59%
Ingredients: water, rice, yeast, koji,  

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