Misuzu Junmai Ginjo Miyama Nishiki


This is a specialty Sake, crafted from Miyama Nishiki Rice and unfiltered and designated a “pure rice sake” it offers Melon sweetness combined with the refreshing quality of grapefruits, white stone fruits and an almost white pepper aroma.

Brewed in a small brewery in a small village in the mountains near Senba-shuku, the junction of the Nakasendo and Hokkoku Kaido roads.

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Founded in 1893, it became independent from the head family Chouemon Kumagai.
In 1955, it renamed itself as “Misuzu”. The sake name “Misuzu” was named after the Shinano makurakotoba “Misuzukaru” which means pillow shaped!

This small brewery has such a strong determination to bring its Sake to the world, we couldn’t resist its super high quality and neither will you!

The area is in a semi-highland area at an altitude of 750m, and the water and air are both clean, making it an ideal environment for sake brewing. The brewing water uses fine-textured soft water from the Narai River system to brew smooth and soft sake.

TYPE:  Pure Rice Sake (no added Sake, or alcohol)

COLOUR: Pale clear paper white colour.


Super low acidity belies a still refreshing experience with stone fruit, white blossom and pretty grapefruit aromas.

FOOD PAIRING: This is best matched with salty fish dishes, meat pizzas, stacked mushroom burgers and fruit pie and custard, over 125 years of making Sake means Misuzu know what they are doing.

SERVING SUGGESTIONS: Serve chilled (8-12 ºC)

STORAGE: Store in a dry and cool place. Avoid direct sunlight.

Size: 720 ml
ABV: 14%
Rice polishing rate: 49%
Ingredients: water, rice, yeast, koji,  

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