Ebisu Honjozo Sake


Made exclusively from highly polished rice grown in Kyoto, and lovingly brewed at low temperatures this Honjozo is alive with a combination of sweetness and umami freshness. Ebisu one of the Seven Gods of Luck this brewery is one of only 3 left in Kyoto.
Add some luck to your life and pair it with tempura, pizza or just on the rocks with a good book to relax with!


Sake Brewing Prize Winner
Tokai Honor Award
IWC Gold award
IWC Silver
FineSake Gold

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A Honjozo that delivers a mellow and sweet easy on the palate every day treat. An initial light white blossom scent is followed by the famous Kyoto water providing some minerality. Primary flavours complemented by the more evolved tertiary umami aspects is the reason why this Sake complements food so well.

TYPE: Honjozo Sake

COLOUR: Clear pale white

OUR TASTING NOTES: Light fragrance of field blossom with toasted cereal, textured and clean this Sake hugs with warmth and a long finish.

FOOD PAIRING: Any Umami rich foods, fatty fish, Salami Pizza, roast vegetables, Mushroom risotto.

SERVING SUGGESTIONS: Serve warmed or chilled (8-12 ºC)

STORAGE: Store in a dry and cool place. Avoid direct sunlight.

SPECS: Brewery: Award winning Sasaki brewery was founded in 1893 and is the only brewer in central Kyoto. Located 5 mins from Nijo Castle the brewery was built over the site of Jurakudai, the mansion of Toyotomi Hideyashi (1537-1598) who was a warrier in the Azuchi- Momoyama period.
Their mission is to use traditional techniques grafted in famous water, to produce an authentic Sake taste. Under Kyoto is a huge rock 33km long, and the water Sasaki uses seeps down from the mountains into the Kyoto valley and drips through this rock to produce exceptional “goodness of water”. Their Sake is distinguished by a fruity Ginjo aroma and dry, crisp and clean taste.

Winner of many awards and a very respected maker of Sake in Japan, The CEO stated that their aim was to “Think about keeping Kyoto’s business more than making money.”

Ebisu, in Japanese mythology, one of the Shichi-fuku-jin (“Seven Gods of Luck”), the patron of fishermen and tradesmen

Size: 300 ml

ABV: 15%

Rice polishing rate: 65%

Ingredients: water, rice, koji, yeast

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