How did we meet? Was it at the Women’s Expo in Wellington, at the pop up tasting room in Martinborough or maybe through a friend, however we came together I want to thank you for your support with my fledgling business, it’s more than a bit mad to begin a new journey at any stage in life (at least that’s what my whanau are telling me) but Covid gave me time to dig deep and try to understand what I really want to do with my life and from that came the determination to share what I love about Japanese culture and how it entwines with our life here in Aotearoa New Zealand.

It turns out that our love of health and wellbeing, nature and our respect for kaitiakanga resonates deeply with Japanese beliefs too, part of the reason they love us kiwis is because they recognize a kindred spirit in us and they are super interested in hearing all about our land, our stories and building a bridge of friendship for a better world for us all.

I think my obsession with Japan began with gardening, in 1986 I designed my first garden, and it had a Koi Pond, a tea house and a small Japanese bridge! It was our first home and now looking back I can see why my neighbours thought it was rather an odd thing to create however I clearly didn’t pay much attention to their mumblings as I have just finished a new Japanese garden in Greytown!

What fascinates me is the unusual, the curious and how diving deep into the food, drink and culture of Japan has brought me amazing experiences and friendships and now I get to share these with you! Writing our first email has been fun and we really hope to meet you again soon, our special sake is now available at Karahui in Martinborough and Brac & Bow in Featherston